Microwave Oven Niche

Written by Basis-Consultant on 11:23 PM

Have you guys tried the microwave oven niche?
i have just opened a site on red microwave ovens which are rare/

Great Video Explaining Credit Crisis

Written by Basis-Consultant on 9:49 PM

The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo.
This is great video show how world gets into credit crisis :) 

Use custom url channels to track earning of blogs --- Google Adsense

Written by Basis-Consultant on 12:41 PM

   Blogger gives easy way to integrate ads into blog but it doesnot provide way to track earnings from that adsense block. I suggest using url channels to track earning of each adsense block

  • You can Track earning of each adsense block
  • you can change the format if the adsense block is not earning good
  • you can decide which blog to concentrate or which blog to drop depending on earnings from that blog
many more...
to create a url channel or associate existing url channel just goto
google.com/adsense --- > adsense setup ---> manage ads.
click on edit settings of the adblock which you have to associate or create new url channel. click on add as shown in figure or create a new channel and add it..

Bad Thing About Answerbag

Written by Basis-Consultant on 11:45 AM

One of my answerbag account is deleted or suspended. Some one might have complained on it. Even though i haven't spammed. Answerbag must provide an option to keep your Q&A private as in Yahoo Answers. Though answerbag is not a great traffic generator as Yahoo Answers but it is still a good place to promote your site and get traffic. Hopefully they will take a look into that.

New Templates Site

Written by Basis-Consultant on 3:08 PM

Hi guys,
We have a new free website templates site now..
Hopefully you enjoy it :)

Be careful When answering on Yahoo Answers

Written by Basis-Consultant on 12:37 AM

One of my yahoo answers account got suspended for violating community guide lines. Yahoo can suspend your account for any stupid reason. BUT, before that its better than you take precaution about how to answer. Here are some guide lines

1) Make your Q&A network private. Go to Edit you Profile Setting and set the following settings as shown in figure..2) Give only relevant information. Don't go just answering randomly and irritating people.
3) Linking in every answers is fine as long as your answer is relevant to that question.
4) Don't vote as best answers for your other profiles (if you have any)

Answer Questions in Yahoo Answers to bring More Traffic

Written by Basis-Consultant on 2:02 PM

Yahoo Answers is one of the most or is the most popular community where people get answers to their questions and solutions for their problems.

You can get lot of traffic from yahoo answers if you answer questions correctly on yahoo answers. There are lot of people who don't know even the basics of your niche who are searching for answers an would be more than happy if you can give them a perfect answer. One of my website gets atleast 500 visitors from yahoo answers only!!. Just think about how much traffic it can bring to you. All you have to do is just sign in with your yahoo account and start answering questions that fall in your category.

Also don't just answer as random to any question. First determine whether the question falls in your niche and answer. You can even get ideas on what to blog from reading those question and answers. Yahoo answers is one of the most undiscovered source of traffic i would say.

Yahoo answers show up in high rank in search results of google so you will get more traffic from yahoo answers. There is also another service but less popular than yahoo answers. It is answerbag.
All Da Best